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Packet Captures

GLBP_election.cap 8.4 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Routers 1, 2, and 3 participate in a GLBP election. R1 becomes the AVG due to having the highest priority (200), and R3 becomes the standby GLBP. All three routers become AVFs.

Ethernet GLBP IP UDP

Packets: 80 Duration: 68s Downloads: 6057

HSRP_coup.cap 3.9 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Initially only routers 3 (active) and 2 (standby) are online. R1 comes online with a priority higher than R3's. R1 takes over as the active router (the coup occurs in packet #22) almost immediately. R2 is bumped down to passive and R3 becomes the standby router.

Ethernet HSRP IP UDP

Packets: 51 Duration: 49s Downloads: 6245

HSRP_election.cap 3.7 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

The Ethernet link shared by routers 1, 2, and 3 comes online. R1 wins the HSRP election because it has a priority of 200 (versus the default of 100 held by the other two routers). R3 becomes the standby router.

Ethernet HSRP IP UDP

Packets: 49 Duration: 57s Downloads: 7038

HSRP_failover.cap 3.0 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

R1 is the active router, R3 is the standby, and R2 is passive. R1 goes offline and R3 takes over as active after ten seconds. R2 is then promoted to the standby state.

Ethernet HSRP IP UDP

Packets: 39 Duration: 47s Downloads: 7592

VRRP_failover.cap 2.4 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

The master router (R1) goes offline. After the down interval passes (roughly 3 seconds), R3 takes over as the master router in packet #12. R2 also offers to take over but R3 wins because it has the higher IP address.

Ethernet IP VRRP

Packets: 32 Duration: 33s Downloads: 12035

VRRP_preempt.cap 1.2 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Initially R3 is the master, R2 is backup, and R1 is offline. R1 comes back online with a priority of 200, preempting R3 to become the master router.

Ethernet IP VRRP

Packets: 16 Duration: 14s Downloads: 11259

gratuitous arp hsrp.cap 480 bytes

Submitted May 16, 2012 by altafk

When router take the role of active in hsrp it sends a gratuitous arp in which source mac is 00:00:0c:07:ac:01, the switches update their mac table for the newly learned mac and starts forwarding to that port.


Packets: 6 Duration: 6s Downloads: 12878