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Packet Captures

PIM_register_register-stop.cap 258 bytes

Submitted Sep 30, 2009 by pierky

Switch at receives an IGMP request for the group, encapsulates the original IGMP packet in a PIM Register and sends it to the RP at In packet #2 RP sends a Register-Stop to the switch.

Ethernet IP PIM

Packets: 2 Duration: n/a Downloads: 10950

PIMv2_hellos.cap 528 bytes

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Routers 1 and 2 exchange PIMv2 hello packets.

Ethernet IP PIM

Packets: 6 Duration: 63s Downloads: 9271

PIMv2_bootstrap.cap 712 bytes

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Router 1 is the BSR and routers 2 and 3 are candidate RPs with the default priority of 0. R1 collects the RP advertisement unicasts from R2 and R3 and combines them in a bootstrap multicast to all PIM routers. Capture perspective is the R1-R3 link.

Ethernet IP PIM

Packets: 8 Duration: 184s Downloads: 7346

PIM-SM_join_prune.cap 3.8 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

A host on R4's subnet requests to join the group. R4 sends a PIMv2 join message up to the RP (R1). Subsequent join messages are sent every 30 seconds, until R4 determines it no longer has any interested hosts and sends a prune request (packet #45). PIMv1 RP-Reachable messages for the group are also visible from R1.

Ethernet IGMP IP PIM

Packets: 47 Duration: 473s Downloads: 11553

PIM-DM_pruning.cap 10.2 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

The multicast source at begins sending traffic to the group, and PIM-DM floods the traffic down the tree. R4 has no group members, and prunes itself from the tree. R2 and R3 then realize they have no members, and each prunes itself from the tree. The capture shows R2 receiving the multicast traffic flooded from R1 and subsequently pruning itself every three minutes.

Ethernet IP PIM UDP

Packets: 38 Duration: 415s Downloads: 7053