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Packet Captures

ospf over gre tunnel.cap 8.2 KB

Submitted Jun 13, 2012 by altafk

Configured ospf over GRE tunnel in which packets are double tagged with ip header, useful when there is no direct connection between the 2 routers but still we need to run ospf.


Packets: 63 Duration: 241s Downloads: 16331

ospf simple password authentication.cap 766 bytes

Submitted May 14, 2012 by altafk

Simple password authentication in ospf in which we can see password in clear text.
Also the auth type is also specified in the packet which is simple password.
I have also found a very interesting article regarding md5 auth mistakes made by many network engineers the link of which is below.


Packets: 7 Duration: 60s Downloads: 10355

ICMP_over_L2TPv3_Pseudowire.pcap.cap 5.3 KB

Submitted Sep 4, 2010 by onefst250r

ICMP pings from a CE to a second CE via a L2TPv3 pseudowire.


Packets: 38 Duration: 30s Downloads: 12485

OSPF_Down-Bit.cap 8.9 KB

Submitted Oct 27, 2009 by colinbsd

LSA Update with down bit set. Router R5 PE is receiving an update from the MPLS VPN, which is advertised to CE ospf routing table. In order for for the packet(LSA) not to be re-advertised back into the MPLS cloud through another PE(2) router, PE sets the Down-bit to 1. filter: ospf.v2.options.dn == 1


Packets: 98 Duration: 203s Downloads: 9666

OSPF_with_MD5_auth.cap 4.6 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

An OSPF adjacency is formed between two routers configured to use MD5 authentication.

Ethernet IP OSPF

Packets: 34 Duration: 63s Downloads: 7897

OSPF_type7_LSA.cap 3.6 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Area 10 is configured as a not-so-stubby area (NSSA). The capture records the adjacency formed between routers 2 and 3. The link state update in packet #11 includes several type 7 LSAs from R2. Capture perspective from R3's interface.

Ethernet IP OSPF

Packets: 25 Duration: 32s Downloads: 9053

OSPF_point-to-point_adjacencies.cap 9.9 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

The frame relay network between four routers is configured with point-to-point subinterfaces. No DR/BDR is required as all adjacencies are point-to-point. Capture perspective from R1.

Frame Relay IP OSPF

Packets: 93 Duration: 35s Downloads: 11008

OSPF_NBMA_adjacencies.cap 11.7 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Formation of OSPF adjacencies across a Non-broadcast Multiaccess (NBMA) frame relay topology. Neighbors have been manually specified on all routers, with R1 configured to become the DR. No BDR is present. Capture perspective from R1.

Frame Relay IP OSPF

Packets: 99 Duration: 66s Downloads: 7505

OSPF_multipoint_adjacencies.cap 16.3 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Routers 1 through 4 are configured to view the non-broadcast frame relay network as a point-to-multipoint topology. Adjacencies are formed without the need of a DR or BDR. Note that inverse ARP was used to dynamically learn the addresses of neighbors.

ARP Frame Relay IP LMI OSPF Q933

Packets: 196 Duration: 277s Downloads: 8926

OSPF_LSA_types.cap 4.0 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Capture of adjacency formation between OSPF routers 4 and 5 in area 20. Packet #12 contains LSAs of types 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Ethernet IP OSPF

Packets: 30 Duration: 63s Downloads: 12220

OSPF_broadcast_adjacencies.cap 8.4 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Three routers form OSPF adjacencies across a broadcast segment. All interface priorities are left default, so R3 (with the highest router ID) becomes the DR, and R2 (with the next-highest router ID) becomes the BDR. Capture perspective from R1.

Ethernet IP OSPF

Packets: 74 Duration: 95s Downloads: 9943

OSPFv3_with_AH.cap 10.7 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

The adjacency between R1 and R2 in the 2001:db8:0:12::/64 subnet is configured with IPsec AH authentication. Note the inclusion of an IPsec AH header immediately following the IPv6 header of each OSPF packet.

Ethernet IPv6 OSPF

Packets: 61 Duration: 170s Downloads: 8643

OSPFv3_NBMA_adjacencies.cap 12.9 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Router 3 forms OSPFv3 adjacencies with routers 1 and two across the non-broadcast multi-access (NBMA) frame relay link.

Frame Relay IPv6 OSPF

Packets: 86 Duration: 90s Downloads: 6457

OSPFv3_multipoint_adjacencies.cap 11.5 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

The frame relay link connecting routers 1, 2, and 3 has been configured as a point-to-multipoint network with broadcast capability. Router 3 forms OSPFv3 adjacencies with routers 1 and 2, but no DR or BDR is elected.

Frame Relay IPv6 OSPF

Packets: 73 Duration: 35s Downloads: 6560

OSPFv3_broadcast_adjacency.cap 5.4 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Routers 1 and 2 form an OSPFv3 adjacency across their common Ethernet link (2001:db8:0:12::/64).

Ethernet IPv6 OSPF

Packets: 38 Duration: 70s Downloads: 7492