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Packet Captures

SSHv2.cap 11.4 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

An SSH version 2 session between two routers. All communication is securely encrypted.

Ethernet IP SSH TCP

Packets: 90 Duration: 7s Downloads: 45567

cm4116_telnet.cap 9.4 KB

Submitted Mar 1, 2011

Short Telnet session with an Opengear CM4116 used to demonstrate the urgent flag and pointer

Ethernet IP TCP Telnet

Packets: 113 Duration: 14s Downloads: 17673

TACACS+_encrypted.cap 2.8 KB

Submitted Sep 28, 2010

TACACS+ authentication and authorization requests as made by a Cisco IOS router upon a user logging in via Telnet.


Packets: 34 Duration: 7s Downloads: 13550

telnet.cap 9.4 KB

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

Telnetting from one router to another. Note that all communication is visible in clear text.

Ethernet IP TCP Telnet

Packets: 74 Duration: 10s Downloads: 10029

SNMPv2c_get_requests.cap 894 bytes

Submitted Sep 14, 2009

SNMPv2c get requests are issued from a manager to an SNMP agent in order to monitor the bandwidth utilization of an interface.

Ethernet IP SNMP UDP

Packets: 8 Duration: n/a Downloads: 8085

nf9-juniper-vmx.pcapng.cap 912 bytes

Submitted Dec 10, 2016 by Jb93

Juniper vMX NetFlow.


Packets: 5 Duration: 35s Downloads: 6489

sflow.cap 1.8 KB

Submitted Oct 29, 2013 by hgsuttorp

SFLOW capture containing - counter sample packets - flow sample packet


Packets: 9 Duration: 109s Downloads: 3552