Cyrus Lok
Feb 3, 2011
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Feb 4, 2011 at 20:49
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Dec 12, 1978
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I started network engineering late, but better late than never. For the past six years I was working in an ISP; 3 years as customer service and 3 years as an associate engineer in a NOC environment. I realised I like and could do network, and made an important decision to resign from ISP and moved forward to a System Integrator environment which was in the midst to become a Cisco Premier Partner.
I suffered huge paycut due to my inexperience in network project implementation, since I joined the SI company I encountered numerous project implementation opportunity, there were no one to teach me or guide me in my work environment but I persevered and never rejected any project opportunity I actively taking part in:
1. Network implementation consultation
2. Network design consultation
3. Technical specification implementation
4. Assist proposal team to come out a BOM for cisco devices
5. Assist proposal team in technical details
6. Proof of concept, to convince customer the need for the solution we suggested
7. Network product demonstration and presentation to customer.
8. Onsite network implementation
9. Made network device presentation to train Sales team about the network devices we sold.

Before I left my previous employment, a manager from another department was keen to hire me, but I politely rejected the offer if I accepted that offer I may be paid well but my exposure to networking would not be as great as now currently. My paycut is only temporary, I believe I will find a better paid job in a Cisco gold partner SI company. Wish me luck., is my repository blog, my configuration and experience will be recorded there, I often refer to my notes as I do not remember them effectively :p

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