Enumeration Password Cracking

In current IT security environments, files and services are often password protected. In certain situations it is required to get access to files and/or data even when they are protected and the password is unknown. wyd.pl was born of those two of situations: * A penetration test should be performed and the default wordlist does not contain a valid password * During a forensic crime investigation a password protected file must be opened without knowing the the password. The general idea is to personalize or profile the available data about a "target" person or system and generate a wordlist of possible passwords/passphrases out of the available information. Instead of just using the command 'strings' to extract all the printable characters out of all type of files, we wanted to eliminate as much false-positives as possible. The goal was to exclude as much "unusable" data as possible to get an effective list of possible passwords/passphrases.